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Natasha Henstridge

Natasha Henstridge

Lisa Rayborn
Actress Natasha Henstridge was barely a teen when she entered and earned the first runner-up prize in the Casablanca Modeling Agency's worldwide "Look of the Year" contest. At age 14, with the reluctant blessing of her parents, Henstridge left home to pursue a modeling career in New York and Paris. She landed her first cover on French Cosmopolitan when she was only 15 and has since graced the covers of many international fashion magazines. She also appeared in commercials for such products as Lady Stetson, Oil of Olay and Old Spice. 
Like so many other models-turned-actresses before her, Henstridge grew tired of being just another pretty face and craved a more intellectually stimulating career. At 21, Henstridge beat out hundreds of other doe-eyed hopefuls when she was cast in “Species” for MGM, which took in more than $100 million at the box office. 
In 1998, Henstridge returned as an extraterrestrial in “Species II.” While the “Species” films were physically demanding, it was not enough of a role to consider Henstridge a burgeoning actress. But more roles began to follow her feature film debut. She was cast in “Maximum Risk” with Jean-Claude Van Damme, “Adrenaline: Fear the Rush” and appeared in an episode of “Homeboys in Outer Space” in 1996. 
Then came the comedy hit “The Whole Nine Yards,” in which she played Cynthia Tudeski, the estranged wife of a hit man played by Bruce Willis, who manages to charm her way out of potentially dangerous situations. Matthew Perry played her love interest in the film, and Henstridge garnered critical praise for her charismatic portrayal of the character. 
In 2000, Henstridge appeared in the Ben Affleck romantic film, “Bounce.” In 2001, she accepted the role of Cassie in the television series “She Spies.” The series lasted two seasons and is currently finding success in syndication. 
Henstridge is also known for her work on the ABC series “Commander In Chief,” opposite Geena Davis and Donald Sutherland. She most recently starred opposite Jonny Lee Miller on the ABC hit series “Eli Stone,” playing attorney Taylor Wethersby. 
Henstridge lives in Los Angeles with her sons, Tristan and Asher. 
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