Newlyweds, Ellie (Daniella Monet) and Martin (Kelly Blatz), have reached a roadblock in their careers. Ellie is unable to get placed at the local police department, while Martin is an unemployed teacher. Their financial struggle has forced them to move in with Ellie’s parents, Gary (Judd Nelson) and Carol (Daphne Zuniga), who live in a retirement village. Martin suggests that they should start a family, but Ellie is against the timing. With hopes of being hired and against her father’s wishes, Ellie volunteers at the local police department. While patrolling, Ellie encounters several minor criminal offenses to the elderly but is unable to take action because she’s an unarmed volunteer. Even though Commander Chappell has reprimanded Ellie for her insubordinate behavior, Ellie investigates Cold Breez A/C System hoping to find evidence leading to fraudulence. Over dinner, Martin announces that he was offered a teaching job in Maine that leads to an argument over the strain the job will put on their marriage. Later, Ellie tells him to take the position and she will join him if she can’t find a local job. Hoping to mend things, Martin and Ellie work together to track down the perpetrators, but things go awry when they’re caught and thrown into the trunk of the criminals’ car. Luckily, Gary followed them and was able to save their lives. Ellie’s heroic actions land her a position at the police department. Martin is offered a local teaching job. The couple is now able to move into their own home and start a family. Starring Daniella Monet, Kelly Blatz and Judd Nelson.