Hannah Higgins (Julia Stiles) is a smart, driven education consultant. She’s so driven she runs for Congress to advance the cause of education reform. Hannah’s not a likable candidate, though; her elitism turns off Boston voters, big-time. Hannah and her business partner, Colleen Pickering (Camryn Manheim) don’t give up easily. For the next election, they recruit a candidate – beer vendor Elliot Doolittle (David Walton) – who is definitely a man-of-the-people. His mother Allie (Frances Fisher) is the definition of "piece of work," as is his sister Bonnie (Georgia Lyman). Elliot – whose thick South Boston accent masks considerable intelligence – is the polar opposite of prim-and-proper Hannah. Hannah takes Elliot on as a modern day Pygmalion-like "project." If she can just teach him to speak like gentleman, dress like a gentleman, comport himself like a gentleman .. why he might become a gentleman, a gentleman who can run for Congress – and win. Elliot and Hannah are about as oil-and-water as two people can be. But as Elliot becomes more "presentable" and Hannah becomes less "proper," could this be a match made in electoral Heaven? Starring Julia Stiles, David Walton, Camryn Manheim and Frances Fisher.