Monday February 14 9:00 PM / 8:00c

During World War II, Navy Lt. Neil Thomas bids Caroline, his pregnant young wife, farewell at Union Station. Before their son is born, Neil’s plane goes down in the Pacific and he’s declared missing in action. Caroline is devastated. But love never dies, and for the next 65 years Caroline (Betty White) returns to Union Station on the anniversary of her loss, to salute the memory of her handsome and brave husband. Eventually, a TV journalist (Jennifer Love Hewitt) learns of the touching story and sets out to investigate just what happened to Neil 65 years earlier. Neil and Caroline’s grandson encourages his initially-reluctant grandmother to cooperate; eventually the reporter and the young man fall in love themselves. Viewers will embrace both Betty White in a dramatic role that celebrates lost love, and Jennifer Love Hewitt in a part that celebrates found love. The Lost Valentine is based on the novel by James Michael Pratt.