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Hallmark Drama Schedule

12:00 AM
The Waltons
The Waltons
The Furlough

John-Boy is home on furlough, but is haunted by a memory lapse about his air crash.

1:00 AM
The Waltons
The Waltons
The Medal

Mary Ellen falls for a Mexican-American paratrooper whose arrival is marred by bigots.

2:00 AM
The Waltons
The Waltons
The Outrage, Part 1 of 2

In the first of two parts, the war in Europe is winding down, and John-Boy and Jason are trying to meet in Paris, Ben is preparing for action in the Pacific.

3:00 AM
The Waltons
The Waltons
The Outrage, Part 2 of 2

Jason's girlfriend helps him locate John-Boy in Paris, John ends up in jail when he shelters a friend he believes innocent of murder.

4:00 AM
Little House on the Prairie
Little House on the Prairie
A Wiser Heart

Laura's stay in Arizona is soured by her failure to land a tutoring job.

5:00 AM
Little House on the Prairie
Little House on the Prairie
Gambini the Great

Albert tries to duplicate the stunts of an aging daredevil.

6:00 AM
Little House on the Prairie
Little House on the Prairie
The Legend of Black Jake

Oleson is kidnapped by two bumbling crooks, and Mrs. Oleson refuses to pay the ransom.

7:00 AM
Little House on the Prairie
Little House on the Prairie

Charles joins Isaiah Edwards in Chicago to claim the body of Isaiah's adopted son, reported killed in a street accident.

8:00 AM
Little House on the Prairie
Little House on the Prairie
For the Love of Nancy

Nancy takes advantage of an obese new student who adores her.

9:00 AM
A Decade of the Waltons

This family special highlights the greatest moments of America's most beloved, Emmy-winning series, "The Waltons." Earl Hammer, Jr., creator and narrator of the original show, hosts. Stars Ralph Waite, Michael Learned.

11:00 AM
A Wedding on Walton's Mountain

This romantic chapter in the famous, Emmy Award-winning Waltons saga is set directly after World War II and centers around the wedding plans of daughter Erin Walton and Paul Northridge.

1:00 PM
Mother's Day on Waltons Mountain

Inspired by the Emmy Award-winning series, America's favorite family reunites in this heartwarming story about three different mothers and their troubles coping with parenthood. Stars Ralph Waite, Michael Learned and Jon Walmsley.

3:00 PM
A Day for Thanks on Walton's Mountain

Members of the Walton family return to their home for Thanksgiving seeking renewed strength for life's challenges. A heartwarming story for the entire family. Stars Ralph Waite, Ellen Corby, and Judy Norton.

5:00 PM
A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion

Times have changed for this close-knit family as John-Boy, now a writer in New York, brings home his girlfriend to meet the family. The Waltons reflect on their lives and values. Stars Ralph Waite and Richard Thomas.

7:00 PM
A Walton Wedding

The Walton family is set to acquire a new member of the family when eldest son John-Boy prepares to marry the daughter of a U.S. ambassador and have a Valentine's Day wedding. Stars Richard Thomas.

9:00 PM
A Walton Easter

When John-Boy and his wife Janet join the rest of the Waltons family for his parents' 40th anniversary, he finds himself yearning to move back to his Virginia homestead. Stars Richard Thomas and Ralph Waite and Judy Norton.

11:00 PM
The Waltons
The Waltons
The Valediction

John-Boy enjoys the last days at home before going overseas again, Jim-Bob intends to fail a test that will determine his class's valedictorian.