Writer Annie Butler (Sarah Lancaster) is miserable after she suffers a bad breakup while facing her dead-end job writing user manuals instead of manuscripts. Deciding to envision the life she wants in hopes of making it a reality, Annie writes "My George," a fiction novel depicting her dream romance with a perfect imaginary guy named George. She is stunned to receive a letter from literary agent Della Hendershot (Vivica Fox), who wants to publish the book and promote Annie as a debut author at a huge bookseller's expo alongside George. When Annie admits there is no George, Della decides to hire an actor to pose as Annie's boyfriend, much to the dismay of Annie and her family, sister Kate (Katy Stoll) and mom Opal (Marcia Strassman).

Upset she has to lie, Annie is relieved when she meets George Munroe (Kip Pardue), the handsome and driven realtor selling Opal's house. Desperate to spark a romance with George before the expo, Annie discovers her attempts at real-world romance fall flat as she tries to recreate the perfect moments from her book. Meanwhile, Annie is reconnecting with high school pal Henry (Brandon Quinn), now a plant nursery owner who she's hired to help spruce up Opal's yard for the sale. As Henry and Annie start spending more time together, Annie soon finds she may be forcing the love she thought she always wanted. Will she realize her true fairytale ending has been waiting for her all along? Starring Sarah Lancaster, Vivica A. Fox, and Brandon Quinn.