Christmas in Conway

Cheri Oteri


Cheri Oteri was performing with the Groundlings comedy troupe in Los Angeles when she was recruited by a talent scout from "Saturday Night Live." She made her first appearance September 9, 1995 on that iconic show. She stayed with "SNL" for five seasons. Her many feature movies include "Liar Liar" (Jim Carrey & Swoozie Kurtz), "Scary Movie" (Anna Faris & Marlon Wayans), "Shrek the Third" (as the voice of Sleeping Beauty), "Grown Ups 2" (Adam Sandler & Selma Hayek), and "Bad Parents" (Janeane Garofalo). She has appeared in the Disney Channel's "Jessie" series and had a recurring role in "The New Normal."

Christmas in Conway cast