Brooke White

Brooke White


The magic of Brooke White resonates within “High Hopes & Heartbreak,” the former nanny’s first full-length release after she became an “American Idol” finalist. White made her first impression on “American Idol’s” seventh season when she told the judges that she had never watched an R-rated movie, prompting Simon Cowell to offer to bring her “to the dark side.” As viewer’s found out throughout her charmed run to a Top 5 finish, however, the Phoenix, AZ native exists like a beacon of light that shines through that dark, a passionate swirl of willowing soul and ‘70s flavored gold.

The oldest of four siblings, her parents passed their love of music on to their children and that love has blossomed in White. She now looks to share the music of her parents’ generation with a new generation. She and her husband Dave welcomed their first child, daughter London Ray, in May 2012. The one-time nanny has come full circle, now balancing her passions of motherhood and music.

After supporting “High Hopes & Heartbreak” on the road playing shows and making radio appearances, White took some time off from music, briefly, to film her first movie, FOX’s “Change of Plans,” which aired in 2011. She starred as Sally Danville, a singer-songwriter, who, with her husband, is granted custody of her childhood best friend’s four kids. “Change of Plans” was White’s first experience acting and to her surprise, she was a natural.

In addition to acting in the film, White managed to write, record and perform three original songs in the movie and on the soundtrack album. The songs were recorded and produced by Randy Jackson.

White kept busy throughout 2011 working on two projects: musical duo Jack and White and her online web-show, “The Girls With Glasses.” “Jack and White,” with singer-songwriter Jack Matranga, released three EP’s between August 2011 and May 2012. “The Girls With Glasses,” with model and Eliza magazine editor Summer Bellessa, is an online blog and web-show.

After giving birth to her first child, daughter London, White jumped right back into the studio to record her first full length Christmas album aptly titled “White Christmas.” The 11-song album included holiday classics plus three original Christmas songs.

The beautiful thing about White is her story tells itself. She is living and breathing the same dream that she has reveled in since her childhood. Music is her love, her pain, her joy and her sorrow. It is her life, unguarded, open and vulnerable.

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