Touched by an Angel

Monday November 20 1:30 PM / 12:30c
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    About Touched by an Angel
    Touched by an Angel
    Starring Roma Downey, Della Reese, and John Dye
A trio of angels travel the Earth, inspiring people at crossroads in their lives to turn to God. But the angels aren't only teaching people -- they are also learning lessons themselves. Tess, a more experienced angel, assigns Monica and sometimes, Andrew (who is also the Angel of Death), to a case in each episode, usually with an eye not only toward helping the person, but to drive home a lesson to the angel as well. The people being assisted have no idea that their benefactors are angels, of course. But when the person's issue has been dealt with, the angels reveal themselves in a halo of light, and reassure their charges that God loves them.
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